Which Solution is BEST for YOU?

by: Paula Tarnacka

When you start living the exciting life of a remodeling or building your house, you will find yourself asking that question ‘’ What type of exterior door should I choose for my house?’’.

We distinguish between two most common door materials: Fiberglass and Wood.

The overall design of wood doors is created by joining multiple vertical and horizontal components together. There are many wood options to choose from. Most popular are Oak, Mahogany and Walnut.

You can stain or paint the wood to enhance it’s natural beauty. Although wood material looks beautiful and rich, it’s not the most durable and maintenance free product. As with every other wood product – wood needs maintenance. In needs to be refinished as needed. Especially when the doors are exposed to extreme weather conditions and moisture and are not protected by the overhang. Exposure to heat, rain and snow with poor door construction can cause splitting and cracking of the wood and the color to peel off. Wood doors tend to be pricey.

Fiberglass doors are constructed with two molded fiberglass skins with a foam core in-between. The foam is a great insulator against heat and cold. Such a combination makes them very durable, resistant to moisture, peeling, rotting and warping. Fiberglass doors can be purchased with a wood like skin that can be painted or stained. They became very popular in the building industry and are replacing wood doors because of their low maintenance, high insulation values, elegant look and a wide selection of styles in a friendly budget.